Third Yellow – Game is Bigger than Anthony Taylor


I hate to be pessimistic, but what else is there when we are talking about referees? This week there is a lot of vitriol directed towards Anthony Taylor. He has the Monday match where the Red Devils visit Anfield. Other than their city derbies, is there a bigger match in the calendar? Roger East and Jonathan Moss will also feature In this week’s #ThirdYellow.

North-West Derby is Bigger than Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor has been botching decisions in bigger and bigger games, and yet he is getting some premier appointments. This is his first time at the head of the big derby; interesting appointment for an official who usually officiates Liverpool and Stoke (five times). Taylor has not had what I would call a big match this year (Chelsea v West Ham in week one was the biggest), and generally the “favourite” has won.

While I believe that Anthony Taylor is poor official, who is making strides to improve, others feel that he is a seasoned professional. However, where we all agree completely is that putting him in charge of a match that is massive in his hometown is putting the official at great risk. Anthony Taylor supports the FA Cup Giant Killers; for those of you who do not watch cup competitions I’m talking about Altrincham.

Mike Dean is prevented from officiating Liverpool because he is from Wirral. Howard Webb could not referee Rotheram. Kevin Friend was removed from officiating Leicester. Anthony Taylor was born in Manchester, lives on the outskirts, and is officiating their traditional big match at their foes spiritual home… This does not pass the smell test. Pick Manchester to win, sorry Klopp.

Roger East Still Standing

Roger East is still getting games. This week he gets a game ahead of Mark Clattenburg. While I’ve gone on complaining about Anthony Taylor, the more appropriate official is sidelines at Hawthorn Park watching over Kevin Friend.

The real reason I brought up Roger East is to talk about a bigger issue, Match Official Post Match Interviews. I cannot tell you how many times I have brought up referees interviews. It is essential. When (not if) Roger East screws up again, the press should be allowed access to him 15 minutes after the match for an interview. It is impossible for the fans to understand why certain decisions were made or not. We cannot change his decisions, but why can we not have it explained so we can understand? It never makes sense to me, or Andy Townsend, read his latest article.


Back in the Jon Moss Win Column

Jonathan Moss is officiating Arsenal and Swansea, will it be good news again? Arsenal were perfect with Jon Moss through their first 11 matches together. A surprise and crappy draw away at Carrow Road and then a massive Boxing Day dismantling at St. Mary’s. Things were starting to look junky.

Arsenal got a win at home against the Baggies at the end of last year. Hopefully Arsenal find their form again with Jon Moss. Jon Moss officiated the reverse of this match at the Liberty in spring 2013. Arsenal won 2-0. Multiple goals, a clean sheet, this smells of the Arsenal at the moment. I expect the same with Arsenal rolling Swansea 3-0.

Minimal stats this week, but we’ll have stats again next week. Hope you enjoyed the international break. At least Arsenal seem to have avoided injury, so the international break was not the normal was of time I usually describe it as.



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