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What the Hell is on this Member Episode

With the season coming to end, we look to the future. In five years: which teams will have won a title by then? Will PL teams reach top European (Bayern, Real, Barca) level in that time? Will the money gulf be the same or even worse? Will refereeing be technology assisted by then. How? What do you think?

What’s in it for me?

  • Five extra podcasts per month for your ear holes
  • Provate RSS feed so you can download and listen via mobile
  • Input on premium content topics: we care about what you think, damn it
  • Shout outs on the podcast in a sexy voice
  • Our undying and ever-lasting love
  • And, it’s only two dollars a month: so cheap, even Wenger would buy (maybe)

Fine, I’ll become a Member

Thank you for considering membership.


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